The Kinks Would Like Elon Musk to Stop Flagging Their Tweets, Please

This is Kinks-shaming

Photo courtesy of BMG

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Feb 16, 2023

Our tyrannical Twitter overlord Elon Musk's changes to the platform have officially come to a head: they're starting to piss off beloved '60s rock legends.

The Kinks — yes, you can see where this is going — are having trouble getting their tweets seen on the social media site because they keep getting stamped with content warnings, purely by virtue of their name. (Never mind the fact that the only tweets we ever seem to see consistently these days are Musk's own.)

Guitarist and pubic hair enthusiast Dave Davies has had no choice but to take matters into his own hands and ask very politely if the billionaire seigneur could put an end to the bollocks.

"Dear @elonmusk would @Twitter please stop putting warnings on everything from 'the Kinks,'" Davies wrote, attaching a screenshot of the "We put a warning on this Tweet because it might have sensitive content" flag below one of his posts. "We are just trying to promote our Kinks music @TheKinks #thekinks60."

He added, "The Kinks are a brand name. We have been called the Kinks since 1963."
You heard him — this Twitter account has nothing to do with actual kinks, Elon. People are dignified enough to save that kind of thing for Reddit. Also, haven't you heard of the Kinks? You'd probably really like "Supersonic Rocket Ship."

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