The Bandicoots

"Could You Get Me to Tomorrow?" (video)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Apr 4, 2016

The Bandicoots' 2015 EP This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things spawned videos for "No Turn on Red" and "Mind Your Manors," and now they're ready to return with a brand new clip from a brand new EP.
Quarters at the Penny Arcade is slated to arrive later this spring, but before it does, the band have offered up an introduction to the fresh material with the single "Could You Get Me to Tomorrow?" Its accompanying video depicts the action-packed tale of a gangster couple on the road to riches.
Starting from the bottom and working their way up to a glamorous life of sex, booze and Nintendo games, they're like a modern day indie rock Bonnie and Clyde. Follow their law-breaking love story in the clip below.
Quarters at the Penny Arcade is due out on May 13.

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