The Bandicoots 'Zolly' (EP stream)

The Bandicoots 'Zolly' (EP stream)
Hamilton indie rockers the Bandicoots have released a pair of EPs over the last three years, and they're set to follow it up with offering number three. Zolly serves up four brand new cuts, and Exclaim! is giving you the first listen to the record in its entirety.
The new EP is the result of a slightly different approach to making music for the band.
"In the past, we would write our songs for our live show, then think, 'Oh, we should probably go and record these now.' Then we'd hop in the studio, plug our guitars in, and record the whole thing in a weekend," they tell Exclaim! "With Zolly, we wrote the songs particularly for the studio... And since we basically had unlimited studio time with our producer, Adam Parkinson, we could show up in the afternoon and stay there until 5 a.m. working on the record if we wanted. It freed up that rigid, rushed mentality we had doing the first two EPs, so we could do some of that 'yelling from a cupboard' Yellow Submarine stuff."
That free-flowing energy translates into the slinky, laidback opener "Rocky Horror," through the brooding cinematic "Vesper" and the psychedelic "Dead End Street," before coming to a close with the jangly "Sundance."
Hear it all mesh together by streaming Zolly below. The EP officially arrives on June 28.