Terra Lightfoot Terra Lightfoot

Currently, it seems like there are only two types of Canadian singer-songwriters: those who strive to sound like Jeff Buckley and those who strive to sound like Leslie Feist. Terra Lightfoot has crafted a third, more interesting option: none of the above. Despite the fact that the Hamilton, ON lassie sings and writes songs, her self-titled debut follows little of the cues laid out by the guitar-touting troubadours she calls her peers. The electric, banjo and slide guitar droner "Straight Line" sets the mood, as Lightfoot matches it with a husky vocal delivery. But on the following track, "The Orchard," Terra suddenly seems uninterested in sounding anything like the former descriptors, coming off breezy and '90s indie rock-esque. "Sleep Away the Winter" shows off her accomplished honky-tonkin', while "Foxes" is all modern singer-songwriter post-punk. It's not just the surface differences that make Terra Lightfoot such an engrossed listen, but at least such surfaces make it easy to get close enough to read Lightfoot's mind. (Sonic Unyon)