Sup the Chemist Dust

Dust It's nice to hear an MC who thanks God and doesn't talk about gangsta shit or sexing up the girls. That MC is Sup the Chemist, a Christian rapper that is first and foremost an MC. There may be more than a couple of praises of His Greatness from song to song on Sup's debut, Dust, but they never seem to detract from the songs. Yeah, most people don't want to be preached to, but except for "Language Of Imagination" (one of the dopest songs on the album), the references are few and far between. You almost wouldn't notice them. What you will notice, however, are the dope lines the "King James reader" drops throughout the album: "All mixed up like a compilation" ("Language Of Imagination") and "My lines tell stories like mimes/They use body motions but I use rhymes" ("Art") are just a few examples. Plus, the rhymes are often complemented by experimental beats and flows that range anywhere from the more straightforward underground styles to the way out sounds of Anticon. Where it all comes together best are on the God-fearing track "Language of Imagination," the box car western of "Art," the hometown anthem "Fresh Coast" and the dark funk rock of "Walls." Still, there are some bad songs. Real bad. Like, R&B bad. Avoid them, but don't miss out on the rest (Uprok)