Sugar Ray In the Pursuit of Leisure

There’s a place in the musical spectrum for bands like Sugar Ray. Each of their records, to date, has been a collection of various styles and genres smashed into a palatable fusion. The band made their name by doing a little bit of everything. But it seems that in the last several years, and over the course of the last two albums, Sugar Ray have forgotten that. They are putting so much time and effort into writing radio hits that they have lost the fun of the punk/ska tracks and their always enjoyable attempts at hardcore. In the Pursuit of Leisure is more about the corny but highly recognisable covers (in this case Joe Jackson’s "Is She Really Going Out With Him?”) and the standard tracks featuring some major hit makers (like "56 Hope Road” with Shaggy’s dancehall roll). This disc’s only saving grace is the opening track "Chasin’ You Around.” The song is a cute ‘80s flavoured track that is reminiscent of Floored and Lemonade & Brownies. Otherwise In the Pursuit of Leisure is just a crying shame. Something to laugh at, not with. (Warner)