Sorry Guys, That Mark McGrath Cameo Breakup Video Is Fake

And yet, still so amazing
Sorry Guys, That Mark McGrath Cameo Breakup Video Is Fake
Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath has had the internet buzzing recently, with a Cameo message from a girl named Cheyanne that sees him break up with her boyfriend, Bradyn. Unfortunately, it turns out the whole thing was fake.
The video is real (and still worth watching), but it was ordered by Twitter user @SeanAppalled as a prank.
@SeanAppalled confirmed to Rolling Stone, "That video was a video I paid to have made as a joke."
Another Twitter user, @slasherdaysaint, made the clip go viral on Sunday (November 24) but left out the backstory.
They also left out the fact that @SeanAppalled had taken the joke even further, reuniting Cheyanne and Bradyn, then enlisting Anthony Scaramucci (who served as Donald Trump's director of communications for 10 days two years ago) to dump Bradyn all over again.
Hilariously, Rolling Stone also discovered that @SeanAppalled had ordered a Cameo video from P.O.D. frontman Sonny Sandoval, but it was so "extremely fucking awkward" that he didn't bother sharing it on Twitter.
In the clip, now published by Rolling Stone, the P.O.D. singer dumps Bradyn for Cheyanne, while standing under the Eiffel Tower. To make up for it, he invites Bradyn to one of the band's shows next time they tour in his city. Watch it here.