Subway Employee Asks Meek Mill to Sign Him While Trashing Restaurant

Twitter user @JumanneWay made a strange attempt to get on the Dream Chasers roster

Photo via @soseriuzradio on Twitter

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 25, 2021

People continue to prove they'll do anything to be a star — including risk their jobs. An employee at a Subway restaurant in Rhode Island uploaded footage of himself trashing his workplace apparently in an attempt to get signed to rapper Meek Mill's record label.

Earlier this month, Jumanne Way posted the video of himself throwing food on the floor at the sandwich chain location and walking on it — as well as putting slices of cheese and cold cuts around a toilet seat — on Twitter. It went viral yesterday (October 24) and became a trending topic on the social platform.

The original post has since been deleted, but Twitter user @soseriuzradio compiled some clips of the aggressive health code violations. Way also left up a behind-the-scenes video from the incident on his YouTube channel.

"At Meek Mill. Tell Meek Mill to sign me to Dream Chasers [Records]. Real shit," the worker pleaded to viewers. "At Meek Mill, let him know I'm trying to get signed to Dream Chasers — fuck all this Subway shit. I'm done working at Subway. Deadass."

Ironically, Way continued his rant by claiming he's "not with none of this clout-chasing shit."

"All of this clout-chasing shit is temporary, bro. Deadass — I don't wanna do this; I don't wanna be doing none of this shit, for real," he added before showing off his wasteful handiwork to the camera.

Way has obviously since been fired by the restaurant. In a statement to TooFab, a spokesperson for Subway wrote:

Subway and our network of franchisees take health and food safety extremely seriously and don't condone any behaviour that violates our strict policies in these areas. While Subway restaurants are individually owned and operated, we have confirmed with the franchisee of this location that the employee was immediately terminated after he learned of the employee's actions.

Way also posted a video about the incident following this dismissal. "This is not an apology video," the former Subway employee begins, "because I personally believe a person cannot apologize about something that they intentionally did." He went on to claim that the videos were "100% fake" other than the act of vandalism and assured viewers that nobody was served the contaminated food.

This wasn't his first time Way had trashed a store, either: in footage from last year, he wears a CVS uniform while trashing a RiteAid location. (Apparently, that was more motivated by employee pride, since RiteAid is a rival drugstore to CVS.) Strangely, he doesn't mention Meek Mill while knocking shampoos off the shelves.
Meek Mill released his fifth studio album Expensive Pain earlier this month, following 2018's Championships.

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