Struckout "Don't Translate; Adapt" (video)

Struckout 'Don't Translate; Adapt' (video)
Struckout bill themselves as a "punk-ish" band, and new single "Don't Translate; Adapt" leans more on the "ish" side. Sure, we can't rule out a punk attitude, but the music is more muted than macho, as you can see in the video below.

By definition, that would make Struckout post-hardcore, but this tune doesn't follow any textbook. Whereas many would ride crescendos over the top, allowing them to explode as they hinted they would, this song subsides and maintains its calm. 

The words fuse together, as vocalist/bassist Daniel Speer mutters them; when the guitars get noisy and begin to shriek, he raises his voice ever so slightly. A song-closing jam session is the only time the song really lets loose.

Instead, it's an exercise in restraint and the slow-motion video matches well, but you can be the judge of that. Check out the clip in the player below, and keep an eye out for the self-titled album, out July 20 on Postmark Records, which will also be promoted by a record release tour.