Steve Albini Acknowledges His Role in "Edgelord" Culture

"I certainly have some 'splainin to do"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 13, 2021

Musician and super-producer Steve Albini has never been shy about expressing his opinions, but now he has spoken out to acknowledge his role in promoting toxic "edgelord" culture.

Albini's latest statement stems from his recent criticism of Dave Chapelle's transphobic new comedy special. On October 8, he tweeted that Chapelle was an "asshole," leading commenters to point out that Albini used to have a band called Rapeman. Numerous tweeters noted that, in the mid-'80s, Albini had a one-off project with a band name featuring a racist slur, whose lone single contained a homophobic slur.

Although Albini's Twitter thread doesn't specifically mention his past bands, the producer acknowledged, "I certainly have some 'splainin to do." He continued, "We thought the major battles over equality and inclusiveness had been won, and society would eventually express that, so we were not harming anything with contrarianism, shock, sarcasm or irony."

See Albini's quotes below. He has previously acknowledged that Rapeman was an inappropriate band name and that he regrets it.

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