Stars Accuse H&M of Ripping Off Their Logo

"same. fucking. font."

Photo via @briannarama on Twitter

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 13, 2022

Stars have accused H&M of ripping off their logo after the clothing giant began selling a crop top emblazoned with the word "Stars."

Twitter user @briannarama posted a photo of the item on Twitter, asking Stars if it was official licensed merch. Stars responded by accusing H&M of "ripping off a band no one even gives a shit about" and even using the "same. fucking. font." They also demanded money, since "you have so much of it."

In a subsequent tweet, Stars shared a couple of their album covers, which feature their band name in a similar font to the one from the garment.

Stars continued, "what the fuck is this item of clothing? a bra? a shirt? a hat? a thong? a tank top? an oven mitt? all of the above?" We think it might be classified as a crop top, but we're no fashion experts. It's made from 20 percent recycled materials, which is something!

See Stars' tweets below.

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