Starflyer 59 Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice

Upon seeing the Christian label Tooth & Nail on the back of a CD one can reasonably brace for a disc of streaming hosannas and pharisaic Jesus-promotion. Thankfully, Starflyer 59 limit the bulk of their evangelism to the liner notes giving "All praise to Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour,” which is no worse than the average Source Awards acceptance speech. Making above average, semplice rock for 12 years, Starflyer 59 haven’t really changed much, as is apparent on "Night Life,” an inoffensive ballad with cadent strings and teary vocals. "A Good Living” sounds similarly pleasant, in spite of singer Jason Martin’s supplication for Jesus’ guidance. Oddly, it’s not until final track "The Longest Line” where we hear the latent potential of Starflyer. Its New Order drums and unassuming approach are just enough to both frustrate and maintain fans while making up for Tooth & Nail’s irksome connotation. (Tooth and Nail)