Splash The Ripple Effect

Splash has enlisted the aid of Little Brother’s 9th Wonder for the production on more than half of his debut album. The soulful selection of smooth samples and dominant drums makes for music that works well for both his battle raps and his personal tales of a part-time rapper, part-time college student, part-time federal pen employee, and soon to be part-time father. But, the weirdest moment is certainly on "Do You,” a track that claims, "I can’t be you and you can’t be me/do you, man,” in the cadence of Melle Mel on "The Message,” as well as liberally borrowing lyrics and flows from a number of other rappers. On other tracks, Splash more than holds his own alongside guests like current indie poster-girl Jean Grae, freestyle superstar Supastition, and L.E.G.A.C.Y. of Justus League (of which 9th Wonder is also a member). While these more popular names might bring more attention to this North Carolina MC than he might have otherwise achieved with a debut album, Splash backs it up with a confident flow and quality writing that warrants the additional attention. Plus, 9th Wonder fans will be happy to learn of the second disc of instrumentals packaged with The Ripple Effect. (Amp Truth)