Shawn Desman Announces Live Album to Be Recorded at Phoenix Concert Theatre

The project will mark his first full-length release since 2013

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Feb 9, 2024

As Shawn Desman's tour of central Canada quickly approaches, the Mississauga-born singer has found a way to make his hometown show at the Phoenix Concert Theatre even more special. 

He revealed to the Toronto Star last night that he'll be recording a live album at the set on February 24. 

"I thought the idea was dope, and that the fans would appreciate it," Desman said. "We’re even thinking of pressing up vinyl for it for the collectors and OG fans."

Although he hasn't shared a release date for the project yet, the live album will mark Desman's first full-length effort in over a decade, following his 2013 LP Alive

He's also been rolling out his setlist on TikTok in anticipation of the tour, so we do know that the live album will feature certified CanCon radio classics like "Electric," "Shook" and "Night Like This."

To find more details on Shawn Desman's upcoming tour, including ticketing and scheduling information, check out our original story here.

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