Speedy Ortiz Olympic Plaza, Calgary AB, June 25

Speedy Ortiz Olympic Plaza, Calgary AB, June 25
Photo: Steve Louie
Speedy Ortiz returned to Calgary for the first time in two years yesterday afternoon (June 25), showing just how cohesive and energetic they have become. The sun came out for their set, a welcome respite for festivalgoers who had spent an afternoon in the pouring rain at the exposed Olympic Plaza.
The band started off with high energy tracks, playing from 2015's Foil Deer and introducing new material. Frontwoman Sadie Dupuis put her lyrical chops on display, combining her wordy songs with excellent guitar playing. Newer member Devin McKnight expanded the group's sound via synth additions to tracks such as "Puffer" while also providing clear, meticulous guitar lines that, through no fault of his own, were a little overwhelming in the mix. Drummer Mike Falcone kept things complex yet decidedly punk rock, while bassist Darl Ferm grounded the band as a unit.
Speedy Ortiz played a fun set, though it would probably go over even better in a small venue. Luckily, they're playing one today (June 26) to close out Sled Island (9:30 p.m. at The Palomino).