Someone Pooped in the Mosh Pit at a Turnstile Concert

Those attending the Santa Cruz show reportedly found feces smeared on the stage

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 2, 2021

Turnstile are in the midst of touring behind their excellent new album GLOW ON, and between the return of live music and the band's genre-fluid hardcore, it appears that one ticketholder couldn't contain their excitement in giving a new meaning to "shitshow."

Loudwire points out that a number of fans who attended Turnstile's August 30 performance with Show Me the Body, Never Ending Game and Gulch in Santa Cruz made the unfortunate discovery that someone pooped in the mosh pit at one point during the evening.

The following afternoon. Show Me the Body confirmed the act of dancefloor defecation and subsequent stage-smearing did indeed happen, writing on Twitter, "SOMEONE SHITTED IN THE TURNSTILE PIT LAST NIGHT NO LIE."

The band's post was followed by further confirmation of pit-pooping from promoter Joel Cupcake, whose PinUp Productions co-presented the concert. "I cant believe this but yes human shit ended up on stage last night during Turnstile," he wrote. "As hilarious as this is it's also disgusting & EXTREMELY unsafe. Plz if you have any idea of who it was, plz let me know as that person should not be allowed at shows ever again."

As of press time, the identity of the Turnstile pit pooper remains a "Mystery," and while it's certainly hard to flush that image from our minds, we recommend anyone heading to a concert in the near future to go before the show, and not take any order to "cut the shit, start the pit" so literally.

Find footage of Turnstile's Santa Cruz set below, and read Exclaim!'s review of GLOW ON.

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