Six Feet Under Enter 'Crypt of the Devil' on New Album

Six Feet Under Enter 'Crypt of the Devil' on New Album
Death metal mainstays Six Feet Under have revealed plans to issue their 11th full-length assault later this spring. Things are apparently going to be as creepy as ever, with Metal Blade set to crack open the band's Crypt of the Devil on May 5.

A press release notes that this latest collection was crafted by band founder/vocalist Chris Barnes and Cannabis Corpse's Phil "Landphil" Hall. The pair had met during a Cannabis Corpse tour in 2013 and kept in touch. Barnes would contribute vocals to the band's 2014 release From Wisdom to Baked before he and Hall started cooking up new Six Feet Under tunes.

Hall holed up at his studio in Richmond, VA, and tackled both rhythm and bass guitar duties on Crypt of the Devil. His brother, Josh Hall (Cannabis Corpse) played drums, while guitarist Brandon Ellis recorded much of the lead guitar work. The Washington-based Barnes, meanwhile, recorded his vocals at Seattle's London Bridge Studio.

As with previous work, the latest Six Feet Under album has Barnes penning lyrics from the perspective of a serial killer, with the vocalist further explaining in a statement that the words are "a winding journey through his mind." As such, the record contains a few especially brutal, offence-inducing song titles, including "Broken Bottle Rape."

"The songs paint a picture that's not necessarily linear, rather a meandering back and forth through a dark soul," he elaborated.

You'll find a stream of first single "Open Coffin Orgy," along with the album's tracklisting, down below.

Crypt of the Devil:

1. Gruesome

2. Open Coffin Orgy

3. Broken Bottle Rape

4. Break The Cross In Half

5. Lost Remains

6. Slit Wrists

7. Stab

8. The Night Bleeds

9. Compulsion To Brutalize

10. Eternal in Darkness