A Beautiful Place to Drown

BY Kevin KlempPublished Mar 3, 2020

After nine studio albums, Silverstein return with the latest instalment of their post-hardcore/screamo sound with A Beautiful Place to Drown. Although lacking in departure from their past albums, this new release highlights the sonic qualities that fans of Silverstein have come to know and love: the catchiness of their dynamic and highly produced melodic tracks, inter-spliced with exploding breakdowns and heavy riffing that crescendos into pleasing, sonic resolutions. Fans will be at home with the signature sound of the Burlington, ON screamo band, and newcomers will be drawn in by the catchy vocal hooks and melodies.
From the first track, a classic blend of clean, melodic vocals and interjecting growly screams, "Bad Habits (feat. Intervals)" sets the tone and lyrical theme of the album. The band waste no time and come out of the gate swinging, immediately hitting the listener with a driving, mid-tempo song filled with self-effacing lyrical content about trying to outrun your personal demons.
Throughout the album — whether it's "Burn It Down (feat. Caleb Shomo)," "Madness (feat. Princess Nokia)" or "Stop" — the recurring theme of repetitive mistakes and endless despair is revisited. Lines like "There's no way out," "Over and over, we're at it again" and "It's never going to stop" hammer home the feelings of defeat that the album echoes repeatedly.
And just as the musical composition lacks variety and diversity, the repetitive theme begins to grow stale by the end of the album. However, being seasoned vets of the genre, this does not stop Silverstein from creating an interesting and powerful new release, showing that even by their tenth album, they still have something to say.

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