Sightless Pit Ready New Album 'Lockstep Bloodwar' with Gangsta Boo, claire rousay

Midwife, Frukwan, Foie Gras and more also contribute

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jan 5, 2023

Sightless Pit — the duo of the Body's Lee Buford and Full of Hell's Dylan Walker — have shared details of their second LP. The outfit will release new album Lockstep Bloodwar on January 27 via Thrill Jockey.

Lockstep Bloodwar follows Sightless Pit's 2020 debut Grave of a Dog, made as a trio with Lingua Ignota's Kristin Hayter.

Of the album's title, Walker explains in a statement, "Lockstep Bloodwar is the struggle to comprehend and come to terms with the fact that our lives are on a locked track, and the track is violent and painful. We have zero control over our lives on any kind of scale and even the simplest existence is a selfish and violent one."

All nine of the album's compositions were created with specific guests in mind. The tracklist below reveals appearances from the late Gangsta Boo, Midwife, claire rousay, Frukwan (Stetasonic, Gravediggaz), Foie Gras, Lane Shi Otayonii (Elizabeth Color Wheel), YoshimiO (Boredoms / OOIOO), Industrial Hazard and Crownovhornz.

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Lockstep Bloodwar:

1. Resin on a Knife (feat. Midwife)
2. Calcified Glass (feat. YoshimiO & Gangsta Boo)
3. Flower to Tomb (feat. Lane Shi Otayonii)
4. Lockstep Bloodwar
5. Low Orbit (feat. Frukwan & Industrial Hazard)
6. False Epiphany (feat. claire rousay)
7. Shiv (feat. Crownovhornz)
8. Morning of a Thousand Lights
9. Futilities (feat. Foie Gras)

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