Shotgun Jimmie and the Burning Hell Collaborate on 'Hardly Working' EP

Half of the project is streaming now, and the other half is exclusive to a tour cassette

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 2, 2024

Canadian indie scene lifers Shotgun Jimmie and the Burning Hell have teamed up for a new collaborative release. The first half of Hardly Working is out now, while the second half will be exclusive to a tour cassette.

The EP, described in a press release as "folk songs for the gig economy," is jointly credited to Shotgun Jimmie and principal Burning Hell members Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Kom.

The two acts will be touring the UK this month, where the other half of Hardly Working tape will be available from the merch table. According to a press release, "The artists will delve into a loose narrative that examines AI and automation's impact on contemporary labour and the music industry. To make their point, they have also automated part of their band, as the drums will be played by Pepper the robot."

Hear the first six songs of Hardly Working here.

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