Shawn Desman Credits Drake for His Comeback: "He Changed My Life That Night"

"To hear somebody like him say it and not having to say it to me was really special, because it's been really tough"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 27, 2022

Last week, the man who hath shooketh us all, Shawn Desman, returned with his very fun comeback single "Maniac" — and apparently, it's all thanks to Drake.

In an emotional new interview with ET Canada, the early-aughts heartthrob (who, let's be honest, hasn't aged a day somehow) told the story of what went down behind the scenes at this summer's OVO Fest. Desman was among the rapper's impressive lineup of All Canadian North Stars, announced only two days before the event, with the likes of Kardinal Offishall, k-os, Keshia Chanté and Jully Black.

It goes without saying that it was an unforgettable night for all, but it was particularly meaningful for Desman. After his performance was incredibly well-received, Drake apparently pulled the singer aside after the fact and gave him renewed hope regarding his place in the industry.

"I didn't think it was going to have the impact that it did," Desman said. "[Drake's] like, 'Did you hear them? Like, do you realize what you did up there? Because your music, it feels new again. It feels like it's living on forever. What are you doing?'"

Desman continued, "And I said, 'Well, Drake, life happens, man. Sometimes you lose the passion for the thing that you most loved. And he's like, 'Nah, nah, nah. Squash that, squash that. Shawn Desman needs to make music again now.' I can honestly say, Drake, he changed my life that night."

"To hear somebody like him say it and not having to say it to me was really special, because it's been really tough," the singer added, getting a little choked up before explaining that he stepped away from a previous comeback attempt in 2015 because of mental health reasons and his wife becoming ill, taking time to focus on being a husband and a dad to his three kids.

His family seems to be equally impressed by the splash he made at OVO Fest: "I got in the car after the show and we were driving and my wife turned and she said to me, 'Babe, I don't think you realize what you did up there tonight.' And I said, 'Really?'" Desman recalled. "She's like, 'The universe wasn't on your side. It's been tough the last few years, but the universe is on your side. You need to do this again. You have to.'"

We really do love to see it.
Watch the clip below.

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