Sex Pistols' John Lydon Says Green Day Are "Turgid Coat Hangers"

BY Josiah HughesPublished Oct 3, 2018

What started as a bad day is turning into a bad week for Green Day guy Billie Joe Armstrong. After all, nothing will wake you up like a diss from punk forefather John "Johnny Rotten" Lydon.

In a New York Times profile, the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd. founder took some direct shots at the Dookie songsmiths. 

Discussing his history with punk music, Lydon said, "Punk wanted to maintain the cliché and the uniformity that it didn't deserve. And I wanted to do new and different things, which is, to my mind, what punk is all about: Do it yourself, which means be true to yourself."

Then he took some shots at Armstrong and co., saying, "It is embarrassing, really. How many bands are out there like Green Day now? I look at them, and I just have to laugh. They're coat hangers, you know. A turgid version of something that doesn't actually belong to them."

It's an interesting assessment of Green Day, especially when you consider everything that came after them. What would happen if John Lydon was forced to hear 5 Seconds of Summer or one of Ronnie Radke's bands?

Read the full profile here.


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