Scream Return with New EP, Get Dave Grohl to Serve as Executive Producer

Scream Return with New EP, Get Dave Grohl to Serve as Executive Producer
Prior to rising to fame as the drummer of Nirvana, Dave Grohl beat the skins for the Washington, DC-based Scream. The hardcore pioneers hadn't been officially active since the early '90s, but they reunited in late 2009 and have since played a number of shows. Now, they're getting ready to put out their first studio material in almost 20 years.

Entitled Complete Control Sessions, it's a seven-song EP that marks the follow-up to 1993's Fumble. Although Grohl is not a member of this incarnation of the band -- founding drummer Kent Stax has returned to the fold -- he contributed by being the executive producer for the EP, which was recorded at his own Studio 606.

The songs were captured live off the floor by Scream's original four-piece lineup, plus newcomer guitarist Clint Walsh. According to a press release, they "come out swinging -- with nary a hint of the two decades that have passed since last hearing from them."

Complete Control Sessions will be available on ten-inch vinyl and digital download on August 16 via SideOneDummy Records. It will also air as the second instalment in Complete Control Radio, a nationally syndicated punk show run by the SideOneDummy owners.

Below, you can get a taste of what's in store by watching an in-studio video about the recording sessions. The footage is overdubbed with the single "Stopwatch," which you can get from Facebook if you "like" the band. Scream promise to go on tour once the EP is out.