Scott Walker and Sunn O))) 'Soused' (album stream)

Scott Walker and Sunn O))) 'Soused' (album stream)
We don't normally get Soused on a weekday morning, but this is a special occasion, since Scott Walker and Sunn O))) have shared their new collaborative album.

Soused contains just five tracks, but don't mistake this for an EP — all of the songs hover around nine minutes long, with the one exception being the 12-minute epic "Herod 2014."

The album was produced by Walker himself, along with Peter Walsh and musical director Mark Warman. Sunn O))) originally approached Walker a few years ago, hoping that he would appear on their 2009 album Monoliths & Dimensions. Although he said no, he contacted the band in 2013 with new material written especially for them.

So what does it sound like when a drone metal band get together with a '60s-pop-singer-turned-experimentalist? Find out by streaming the album below via Spotify, which is now available in Canada.

The album came out today (October 21) via 4AD.