Scott Walker's Lyrics to Be Collected in New Book

'Sundog: Selected Lyrics' has been curated by the artist himself
Scott Walker's Lyrics to Be Collected in New Book
While the brilliance of Scott Walker was explored in the documentary 30 Century Man, the lyrics of the songwriting eccentric are set to be the focus of a new book. Titled Sundog: Selected Lyrics, the career-spanning tome is set to arrive early next year on January 11.

Sundog will mark the first-ever selection of Walker's lyrics and was curated by the artist himself. It will be published by Faber and will be available in three editions: standard, limited and deluxe. It will also include an introduction by novelist Eimear McBride.

The book will be divided in six sections: The 60s, Tilt, The Drift, Bish Bosch, Soused and "New Songs." As you could likely guess, the latter category will focus on lyrics to new yet-to-be-released songs Walker is currently working on.

"Walker's work, as Joyce's before it, is a complex synaesthesia of thought, feeling, the doings of the physical world and the weight of foreign objects slowly ground together down into diamond," McBride said in a statement. "This is not art for the passive. It does not impart comfort or ease. Tempests will not be reconciled by the final bars and no one is going home any more."

You can pre-order a copy here come December 15. You'll also find more details on the various editions of the book, as well as images, at that link.

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