Safia Nolin Gets Backxwash for Inaugural Saint-Jeanne Concert

A more inclusive St-Jean-Baptiste Day celebration will be livestreamed next week
Safia Nolin Gets Backxwash for Inaugural Saint-Jeanne Concert
Illustration: Kezna Dalz (Instagram: @teenadultt)
Next Wednesday will mark Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day in Quebec, and a group of artists and activists including Safia Nolin and Backxwash are looking better reflect the province's cultural landscape with a new type of celebration.

Nolin will livestream the inaugural Saint-Jeanne celebration through Facebook on June 24 at 8 p.m. ET. An Instagram profile for the concert declares the event "a space where nobody has to choose between their identity and their feeling of belonging to Quebec" when it comes to the colonial holiday.

Joining Nolin and Backxwash are comedian Tranna Wintour, actress and writer Gabrielle Boulianne Tremblay, songwriter and producer Annie Sama (f.k.a. Apigeon), Karl Hardy, drag queens Matante Alex and Gisèle Lullaby and more.

Saint-Jeanne will be hosted by Montreal-based drag queen Kiara, who is also set to appear on the inaugural season of Canada's Drag Race starting July 2.

As Saint-Jeanne is a financially independent event, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched in order to equally compensate all performers following the stream.

Further event and lineup news can be found through Saint-Jeanne's Instagram profile. Last year, Nolin shared single "Claire," Reprises Vol​.​2 and emo covers collection xX3m0 $0ng$ 2 $​!​nG @L0nG 2Xx.

Backxwash's God Has Nothing to Do with This Leave Him Out of It was recently longlisted for the 2020 Polaris Music Prize.

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