Rocko "Good" (ft. Lil Wayne)

Rocko 'Good' (ft. Lil Wayne)
Rocko is using his latest single to let us all know that he's "just a good guy with some bad habits." In case that didn't tip you off to the track's title could be, or you don't catch it in the crazy repetitive hook, the single is called "Good."

Featuring mainstream-made, synth-slinging melodies from producer TM88, the track has Rocko trying to talking about his good girl, R-rated movie life, OPP, and being a veritable Superman in his downtime. Lil Wayne is apparently googly eyed when his verse begins, but the Young Money guest star eventually locks into the following advice: don't fall in love at first sight.

You can determine for yourself if the track's all good by giving it a stream down below.