Rob Ford and deadmau5 Go on a Coffee Run

Rob Ford and deadmau5 Go on a Coffee Run
Rob Ford has become the butt of many jokes among Canadian musicians, but evidently he still has a friend in deadmau5, since the EDM beatmaker took the disgraced Toronto mayor out on one of his coffee runs.

The producer born Joel Zimmerman filmed the half-hour excursion as part of his ongoing "Coffee Run" series and shared it on YouTube. Filmed from the dashboard of his so-called Purrari — a 2013 Ferrari with hideous Nyan Cat paint job — the clip shows Ford riding shotgun while deadmau5 cruises around sans rodent mask.

Zimmerman posted the video with the following description: "Dear Stupid, this is a coffee run. This does not reflect my political views, or views on anything really... *cep't for maybe my views on Toronto traffic, stupid ass drivers, stupid fuckin potholes, and my caffeine intake or any other stupid shit that comes out of my mouth."

The whole thing is just as awkward as you'd expect, as the pair make mundane small talk. Ford soapboxes about why fixing potholes is important, makes eye-rolling observations like "I love football, it's cool," and orders five shots of espresso from Tim Hortons. Meanwhile, deadmau5 explains the inspiration for his Nyan Cat paint job and marvels at Ford's enormous caffeine intake.

The Purrari was recently listed on Craigslist for $380,000, meaning that some lucky buyer could have a chance to own the same car that Rob Ford rode around in.

Watch the video below, if you dare.