Red Foxxworth / Sluttt "Make It Borderline" / "I Love Myself"

Red Foxxworth / Sluttt 'Make It Borderline' / 'I Love Myself'
Rave may be back, but it feels like any producer/DJ associated with the "new rave thing" wants no association with kids waving glow sticks. Red Foxxworth (aka Julian Wadsworth), on the other hand, wants everything to do with fluorescent teens wacked out on E. Based out of Boston, he's earned a reputation by throwing Hearthrob parties and releasing unsolicited remixes that has found him now working for Kanye West (a remix of his "Stronger" will be out soon). Specialising in screwin' & choppin', he's also quite adept at mash-ups, as heard in his marriage of Fat Joe's "rain on them hoes" verse and Michael Gray's lite-house anthem "Borderline." It's a minor re-working, but once you hear Gray's original (with the clichéd pop tart vocals of Shelley Poole, ex-Alisha's Attic - not that you care), you'll know why Foxx is good. The house cut is actually very decent on its own, inducing that urge to spin round and round; Joe's rhymes, meanwhile, just add some unexpected flavour (how often do you hear rap and house mesh so tightly?).

Sluttt is Foxx's other baby, which he described to The Phoenix as a conceptual project about self-obsessed teenage girls who take pictures of themselves in mirrors and post MySpace bulletins about sex and drugs. The project was noticed immediately by shit-hot acts like London's the Teenagers and Miss Odd Kid, who commissioned Foxx for some remixes. Using faceless girls in sexed-up poses, it's difficult to know if Foxx works alone - even Sluttt's label, Montreal's Summer Lovers Unlimited claims to know little about the project's real identity. "I Love Myself" is predictably teeming with narcissistic speech, filtered through a pitchshifting filter that pushes the song further into absurdity. The electro-heavy lean will find it mingling nicely with artists like Toronto's Crystal Castles and Montreal's numéro#, whom Foxx worked with on their own l'idéologie des stars full-length.

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