Record Store Day Goes Weekly with "Vinyl Tuesday"

BY Josiah HughesPublished May 26, 2015

Many words have been spilled regarding the twice annual Record Store Day event, with some praising it for boosting sales and others complaining that it clogs pressing plants and ultimately hurts record labels. Regardless, it's not going anywhere. In fact, it's now going to be a weekly occurrence.

The Dept of Record Stores and the organizers of Record Store Day have announced that they'll now participate in a weekly event called Vinyl Tuesday. Utilizing the RSD model, the event will offer weekly exclusives to participating independent retailers.

There are five different types of releases planned for the weekly Vinyl Tuesday event. These include catalog releases, commercial and promotional releases, releases made specifically for the Record Store Day indie community, vinyl editions of albums that were previously released on CD and digitally, and exclusive vinyl releases that drop before their digital editions.

A press release does not indicate when, exactly, Vinyl Tuesday is set to launch, but it does explain that it will be "offered to the international community of retailers." In other words, it'll likely take place in Canada along with the other Record Store Day markets.

UPDATE: The folks behind Record Store Day have now clarified what exactly Vinyl Tuesday is, saying it should not be considered a weekly RSD. You can read more about their plan here.  

Thanks to FACT for the tip.


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