Radiohead Launch Second Remix Contest

Radiohead Launch Second Remix Contest
Following Radiohead’s "Nude” remix contest earlier this year, the band are getting set to do it all over again. In an email sent out to the remixers who took part in the first project, Radiohead revealed late last week that they are launching another remix competition for the In Rainbows track "Reckoner.”

It appears that the new project, which will officially get up and running Tuesday (September 23), may work much like the previous one. The band will divide "Reckoner” into six separate parts, or "stems” — "Lead Vocal,” "Backing Vocal,” "Guitars,” "Bass,” "Drums” and "Piano/Strings” — for sonic manipulators to download and then rework, refashion and rearrange. The resulting remixes will then be posted online at for fans to listen to and rank.

To get all the details, remixers are advised to go to Tuesday.

In other Radiohead news, the group recently leaked word they have already begun working on the follow-up to In Rainbows. While talking to the BBC, guitarist Ed O’Brien said: "We're still talking about doing some stuff and we're really excited about it. First we came off tour to do some writing and we wanted to just carry on doing it because it was so brilliant."

There’s no word yet on when we can expect to hear any of the new post-In Rainbows material or if "Reckoner” will appear as a proper single.

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