​PUP's Stefan Babcock Confronts Cactus Fears in Final Chapter of 'Cactuses'

​PUP's Stefan Babcock Confronts Cactus Fears in Final Chapter of 'Cactuses'
PUP's Stefan Babcock has been sharing his cactus-related traumas in a series of hand-drawn comics, but he seems to have conquered his cactus-related fear in the final instalment.
Babcock unveiled "Cactuses Part 3" today, promising that it was the last in the series. In it, he takes readers into his and his girlfriend's apartment, which is filled with Pkew Pkew Pkew and METZ posters, Watchmen graphic novels and — you guessed it — "cactuses" ("a million of them" to be exact).
As such, the PUP frontman claims that he lives "in a state of perpetual emotional distress." You know, because of the times he was stabbed by cactuses with Jeff Rosenstock and stabbed with cactuses by Cayetana.
He faced his fears yesterday, though, literally getting a cactus stabbed into his skin by stick-and-poke artist @sadstab. Now he has a spiky little plant saying, "See you tomorrow" on his leg for the foreseeable future (and hopefully no more real cactus-related pain).
Read the final chapter of "Cactuses" below.

In other PUP news, the band will perform as part of the just-announced "Toronto Together" benefit concert for victims of the recent Danforth shooting. The concert will take place on August 10 at the Danforth Music Hall.