​PUP's Stefan Babcock Recounts More Cactus Injuries in New Comic Strip

This time he's blaming it on Cayetana's Augusta Koch
​PUP's Stefan Babcock Recounts More Cactus Injuries in New Comic Strip
PUP frontman Stefan Babcock recently detailed a thorny hiking trip with Jeff Rosenstock in a comic strip, and now he's back with another prickly tale.
In a follow-up comic strip, aptly dubbed Cactuses: Part 2, Babcock gives us an illustrated depiction of a memory from when PUP were on tour with Philadelphia punks Cayetana.
He prefaces the comic by saying he loves everyone in the band — except when Augusta "Evil Gus" Koch beats him up. One such time, she allegedly ripped a little cactus out of the ground, put it down Babcock's shirt and smashed it into his chest.
As comic book Babcock informs comic book Koch, his nipple was "very sensitive" and "also leaking some strange fluid."
Despite the injury and infection, Babcock adds an afterword to the comic, telling Evil Gus that she's a "strong wonderful and talented woman," whose friendship he cherishes. He also notes that it was "extremely brave of you to grab a cactus with your bare hand" — but adds, "I also hope it hurt a bunch."
Watch the painful encounter come to life with adorable illustrations below.
Unfortunately for Babcock, Koch has already replied in his Instagram comments suggesting that there might need to be another sequel to the story in the future.