Protest the Hero Are Done Recording Their Next Album

The band's latest is "finally in the bag and off to mix"
Protest the Hero Are Done Recording Their Next Album
Photo: Chris Preyser
After promising new material would arrive "toward the very end of this year or the first few months of next," Protest the Hero have finished recording their highly anticipated new album.

The band confirmed the news today in a video update on social media, complete with some behind-the-scenes shots of recording sessions at Jukasa Studios in Caledonia, ON.

"It feels glorious to report that tracking for LP5 has finally been completed where it all began — at Jukasa!" the band wrote. "This record has been an insane labour of love, spanning the last two years, but she's finally in the bag and off to mix."

PTH revealed that the last few days in studio were used to track live keys, strings and acoustic guitars, and the brief video offers a taste of what those instruments sound like alongside their expected metal mastery. The band concluded, "The video is just a tiny bit of what we worked on, but we are excited to show you what's next soon..."

This past July, Protest the Hero revealed that vocalist Rody Walker was back to recording full-time after some serious vocal issues sidelined him from both album tracking and tour commitments in the summer of 2018.

That update also saw the band reveal that Derya "Dez" Nagle, who engineered and produced all guitars, bass and drums for the effort, will oversee mixes and delivery of the finished album. 

"This record has been our most trying. It has demanded our utmost patience and perseverance, but we are finally turning a corner," the band previously said of their fifth LP. "Feels like we have really had to fight for this one — and the struggle has really made us appreciate how lucky we are to still be in the position to make music. An immense thanks for your patience (if you are still with us!). The hardest part is in the rearview."

Protest the Hero's last proper studio LP was 2013's Volition, which arrived independently after the band launched a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign.

More recently, the band released their Pacific Myth EP through a subscription-based series beginning in late 2015. A complete physical release of the effort was delivered in late 2016.

Walker also leant his vocal talents to offshoot Mystery Weekend, which features his PTH bandmate Mike Ieradi on drums alongside guitarist Dan Hay (the Fully Down, Amos the Transparent). That group released debut LP Surprise! in 2017.