​Prince's Personal Chef Says Singer Was Frequently Ill in His Final Months

​Prince's Personal Chef Says Singer Was Frequently Ill in His Final Months
Although the findings from Prince's autopsy report have yet to be revealed, new details about the singer's death continue to emerge in the wake of the superstar's passing. Following overdose rumours and news that the Carver County Sheriff's Office were investigating the source of prescription pills found at Prince's Paisley Park home, an employee of the late singer has spoken out about what he observed during His Purple One's final months.
Prince's personal chef Ray Roberts told the Associated Press [via Billboard] that the musician had been battling bouts of illness in the months before his death.
Attendees at Prince's most recent live shows claim that he was animated and entertaining as ever while playing, but that his speaking voice may have seemed weaker. Roberts said that in the months leading up to his death, there was "not even a hint" of the person he had started working for three years prior.
Due to a recurring sore throat and upset stomach, Prince changed his diet and began to request meals that were easier to digest. Abandoning old favourites like roasted beets and minestrone soup with a harissa chermoula in favour of smoothies and fresh juices, Roberts says that the singer looked like he was losing weight.
"It felt like he wasn't himself probably the last month or two," Roberts said. "I think he was just struggling with being sick a lot."
Roberts was hired to work for Prince in 2013. In addition to working at Paisley Park, Roberts and his wife toured with the musician, cooking for him on the road — always adhering to Prince's strict vegetarian guidelines.
As for the final meal that the personal chef prepared for Prince, it was a roasted red pepper bisque with a kale and spring vegetable salad. Roberts found it uneaten in the fridge when he returned for the memorial service a few days later.
Prince passed away on April 21 at the age of 57. Read an Exclaim! retrospective on the iconic musician's impressive career here.