Hear 47 Unreleased Prince Tracks on the Paisley Park 'Diamonds and Pearls' Reissue

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Oct 27, 2023

Prince released his 13th album Diamonds and Pearls in 1991, debuting his new backing band the New Power Generation in the process. Today, Paisley Park Enterprises has partnered with Warner Records and Sony to reissue the iconic album — bringing light to 47 previously unreleased tracks.

The reissue has taken on three forms: the remastered album itself, a Deluxe edition, and the Super Deluxe edition — a massive 7CD or 12LP set that includes all of the unreleased tracks, as well as over two hours of previously unseen performance footage from the Prince vault. 

The unreleased numbers include alternate versions of Diamonds and Pearls tracks, songs he gave away to other artists and tracks recorded while on tour in 1990. The concert footage shows Prince and the New Power Generation previewing their tour at Glam Slam on January 11, 1992. It's now available as audio and on Blu-Ray in the Super Deluxe edition.

In addition to all of this, there's a brand-new Dolby ATMOS mix of the record — a first for any Price album. It will feature on an audiophile Blu-ray, featuring the album in Dolby ATMOS and HD Stereo (24bit / 44.1kHz) formats.

Diamonds and Pearls remains the Purple One's best-selling album in the US and UK, spawning six singles, including "Gett Off," "Cream," "Insatiable" and the titular track. Working with the New Power Generation helped Prince connect his influences, as the group shared his roots in the Twin Cities — blending hip-hop, dance, gospel and pop in a way now synonymous with the prolific artist.

Listen to the reissue of Diamonds and Pearls below, and get a physical copy of the Super Deluxe edition here.

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