Plain Language "Hoax"/"Softer Machine"

Plain Language 'Hoax'/'Softer Machine'
While Silverstein fans will have to wait until sometime in 2015 for the band to deliver their next LP, drummer Paul Koehler just delivered new tunes with his side-project, Plain Language. The electronic outfit 's two-song debut arrived today (September 16) and is available now to stream online.

Opener "Hoax" is marked with a twisted-up sonic tapestry of murky, undulating keyboard tones, canyon-deep vocal melodies and a series of pitch-shifted sounds. "Softer Machine" plays out similarly, built around cog-twisting clanks and a gyroscope groove, while approaching a sound mixing mid-'80s Genesis pop hooks with the syrupy sleepiness of a Shlohmo beat.

"Hoax"/"Softer Machine" is available now via Universal/Red Light Management. You can grab it over on iTunes