Pharrell Williams "Happy" (24-hour video)

Pharrell Williams 'Happy' (24-hour video)
Have 24 hours to spare? Well, Pharrell Williams has a plan for you, having just issued a full day's worth of footage of him and a bunch of people singing his feel-good Despicable Me 2 single "Happy" in various locations.

Williams weaves in and out of the six four-hour videos, seen at various times twirling and crooning by himself in parking lots, Sunny D-stocked supermarkets, or leading a full church choir through the soul-spiked soundtrack number. The spotlight also gets put onto people of all ages as they shuffle along sidewalks and parks, or bust out dance moves on moving school buses. Cameos from Odd Future, Magic Johnson, Steve Carell and Jimmy Kimmel are also buried in there somewhere.

It's a lot to take in, and to paraphrase the song's opening line "it might seem crazy" to watch every single second of this project, but you'll find all that clap-happy action down below.