Pet Shop Boys Call Out Drake for Unauthorized Use of "West End Girls" on 'For All the Dogs'

"Surprising to hear Drake singing the chorus of 'West End Girls' in the track 'All the Parties' on his new album. No credit given or permission requested."

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 6, 2023

The dog days aren't quite as over as Florence Welch once prophesied. Yes, of course I'm talking about Drake's For All the Dogs, which arrived overnight ahead of his back-to-back Toronto shows on the It's All a Blur tour.

If my hot-taking colleagues are to be believed, the album sees him kind of bring back the "Old Drake" — except now he's a lot more jaded and bitter, which checks out. It sounds like the rapper also didn't learn a thing from the controversy surrounding the album artwork for the LP's first single, "Slime You Out," which used Halle Berry's image without her consent.

Now, Pet Shop Boys have called out Drizzy for interpolating their unanimous hit "West End Girls" without credit or permission. Drake sings the song's chorus at around the 2:37 mark on For All the Dogs track "All the Parties," and apparently didn't credit the synthpop legends or ask them for permission to use their copyrighted material.

"Surprising to hear Drake singing the chorus of 'West End Girls' in the track 'All the Parties' on his new album," they tweeted. "No credit given or permission requested."
The credits for "All the Parties" only go so far as to list Drake as the song's composer and lyricist, as well as B. Saint Fort, Coleman, Fierce, H. Arsenault, Jdolla, M. Bidaye and M. Samuels. (At least he credits Frank Ocean for that "Virginia Beach" sample?)

Hasn't Drake heard that consent is sexy? I'm sure those college-aged girls could bring him up to speed.

While doing press for the album earlier today, the rapper revealed that he's going to go on hiatus from music to finally address some longstanding health issues.

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