Palms "Mission Sunset" (video)

Palms 'Mission Sunset' (video)
While googly-eyed romantics are going full-tilt with the chocolate hearts and flowers today, Deftones/Isis offshoot Palms are taking an anti-Valentine's stance by serving up a heart-wrenching, relationship-ruining video for their self-titled debut's "Mission Sunset."

The epic post-rock cut has been paired with a short film from director Adam Mason, who unrolls out a story of loss, heartache, unfaithfulness and tragedy. The video jumps back and forth in chronology, alternating between shots of a downtrodden dude haunted by his past stumbling through beaches and subways, and flashbacks of a racy bedroom scene. Some serious trust issues abound and things comes to a sorrowful end, so you might not want to watch the vid if you're drunk on the love vibes today.

You can see the break-up video in all of its miserable glory down below.