Orville Peck Goes on a "Midnight Ride" with Kylie Minogue and Diplo

The first taste of Peck's forthcoming 'Stampede'

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jun 7, 2024

If hearing the phrase "Orville Peck featuring Kylie Minogue and Diplo" ignites feelings of excitement in you, then keep reading. If those three names in conjunction with one another strike a chord of fear (or total apathy) in your heart, you may as well stop here — this thing sounds exactly how you think it does. 

Peck has teamed up with Minogue (potentially exciting) and Diplo (less so) for "Midnight Ride," the first taste of Peck's forthcoming Stampede and his latest single since releasing the duets album Stampede Vol. 1 last month. "Midnight Ride" features an EDM festival-core whistle refrain, Peck's theatrical baritone and a charming, sexy Minogue. It's "country" because a dude in a cowboy hat is singing it and a mechanical guitar chugs throughout, but it's essentially a Diplo dance track. 

The single was premiered live by Peck and Minogue during her set at Outloud Festival at WeHo Pride.

"Doing this song with Kylie and Diplo was a dream come true," Peck said in a statement. "Kylie was the first person I asked to be on Stampede because I knew exactly the kind of magic we could all make together."

Check it out below. 

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