Numero Group Treating Bedhead to Reissue Campaign

Numero Group Treating Bedhead to Reissue Campaign
Details are still developing, but it looks as if Chicago archivists Numero Group are dipping into the well of indie rock again, with plans to reissue the output of '90s-era slowcore crew Bedhead.

Following recent ventures into the back catalogues of Codeine and Unwound, a newly unveiled pic on Instagram suggests that a box called Bedhead 1992-1998 is on the way.

As you can see up above, the package appears to contain the Texas band's 1994 debut WhatFunLifeWas, 1996's Beheaded, 1998's Transaction de Novo and a rarities disc entitled Singles/EPs/B-sides. There looks to be a rather large booklet included as well. The label also posted a picture of the vinyl version of the set, noting pre-order info will be delivered soon.

Additionally, the Numero site lists a pre-order for a standalone vinyl copy of WhatFunLifeWas. Though a due date hasn't been shared for the remastered, 180-gram pressing of the LP, the $20 price tag seems a tad more affordable than O.G. copies of the record, which are currently fetching upwards of $70 on Discogs. The record had originally been pressed on Trance Syndicate Records, as with most of the band's back catalogue.

Bedhead existed between 1991 and 1998, offering up a series of LPs and singles flirting with loud-soft indie rock dynamics. Following the breakup of the band, brothers Bubba and Matt Kadane founded the New Year. They currently play with Pedro the Lion founder Dave Bazan in Overseas, who issued their self-titled debut in 2013.

UPDATE: Numero has confirmed the box set will arrive on November 11, and it will contain all the albums listed in the tracklists below. You can also watch a trailer for the set at the bottom of the page.


1. Life Raft
2. Haywire
3. Bedside Table
4. The Unpredictable Landlord
5. Crushing
6. Unfinished
7. Powder
8. Foaming Love
9. To the Ground
10. Living Well
11. Wind Down

1. Beheaded

2. The Rest Of the Day

3. Left Behind

4. What's Missing

5. Smoke

6. Burned Out

7. Roman Candle

8. Withdraw

9. Felo De Se

10. Lares and Penates

11. Losing Memories

Transaction De Novo:

1. Exhume

2. More Than Ever

3. Parade

4. Half-Thought

5. Extramundane

6. Forgetting

7. Lepidoptera

8. Psychosomatica

9. The Present

Singles / B-Sides / Etc:

1. Heizahobit

2. Dead Language

3. What I'm Here For

4. Disorder

5. The Dark Ages

6. Inhume

7. Any Life

8. Bedside Table  (7" version)

9. Living Well (7" version)

10. The Rest Of The Day (7" version)

11. I'm Not Here

12. Intents and Purposes

13. Golden Brown

14. Leper