Numero Group Reveal Third Unwound Box Set

Numero Group Reveal Third Unwound Box Set
The Numero Group will continue its loving reissue campaign behind Pacific Northwest punk crew Unwound this fall, having just delivered the details behind a third box set, No Energy.

This latest compendium actually hasn't received a proper due date yet, but Numero has outlined that it will be a 32-song set highlighting the band's 1995 LP The Future of What and 1996's Repetition. According to a press release, this particular time period had the band moving away from their post-hardcore tendencies to include elements of "kraut, D&B, and [Charles] Mingus."

As with previous box set instalments, No Energy also includes tracks plucked from vinyl singles and live recordings from the era. A 10,000 word essay from "Unwound diarist" David Wilcox, who had also contributed to the previous box sets, and era-specific photography are also a part of the package.

Down below, you'll find all of the tracklisting info, as well as streams of the previously unreleased "Seen Not Heard" (which initially thrives off a wriggly and moody post-hardcore groove before jumping into noisier territory) and a remastered version of Repetition's "Corpse Pose."

No Energy follows the early days-covering Kid Is Gone and the second volume of the series, Rat Conspiracy.

No Energy:

1. New Energy
2. Demolished
3. Natural Disasters
4. Re-Enact the Crime
5. Equally Stupid
6. Pardon My French
7. Decision
8. Accidents on Purpose
9. Petals Like Bricks
10. Vern's Answer to the Masses
11. Here Come the Dogs
12. Disappoint
13. Swan
14. Message Received
15. Corpse Pose
16. Unauthorized Autobiography
17. Lowest Common Denominator
18. Sensible
19. Lady Elect
20. Fingernails on a Chalkboard
21. Murder Movies
22. Next Exit
23. Devoid
24. Go to Dallas and Take a Left
25. For Your Entertainment
26. Corpse Pose (Single Version)
27. Everything is Weird
28. Seen Not Heard
29. Next Exit
31. Usual Dosage
32. Swan