Noel Gallagher Calls Adele's Songs "Fucking Shit"

All's fair in love and war and Gallagher interviews, but...stones and glass houses and all that

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jul 20, 2023

Noel Gallagher is best known for his incredible solo work, with a discography that rivals some of the greats in its grand sweep and history-shifting innovation. 

I'm just kidding, can you imagine? The former Oasis frontman is now more known for talking out the side of his neck during interviews than for his musical output, but that doesn't stop him from dumping on other people's songwriting. Most recently, the target of his particular brand of grating shit-talk is Adele, whose songs he's called "fucking shit." 

As reported by Mirror, Gallagher was a recent guest on Matt Morgan's podcast (which is paywalled on Patreon), where he popped off on Adele after being asked if he enjoyed any of her many hits. 
"Fuck off, fucking hell. Name one," he reportedly said, going on to compare Adele's music to that of the late British pop singer Cilla Black: "They're fucking shit. It's fucking awful. It's fucking Cilla Black. I find it and that whole thing offensive."

He then went on to say that he should retire from his solo career and start writing songs for Adele and Lewis Capaldi. "If I fall out of love with touring, I could see myself just sitting at home writing songs and sending them to my publishers," he said. "I might in the future. I'll be saying, 'Get Adele to sing that. Don't call until she's done the guide vocal.' I want Lewis Capaldi to murder this song, I want him to shit on it from a great height. Make me rich." 

This approach doesn't necessarily seem like the best way to get into a major pop star's good graces, but what do I know. 

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