Nirvana's "2013 Mix" of 'In Utero' to Be Released on Vinyl

Nirvana's '2013 Mix' of 'In Utero' to Be Released on Vinyl
Among the many goodies included in the massive new reissue of Nirvana's iconic 1993 album In Utero is a new "2013 mix" of the entire album. Luckily for those who are eager to hear this new mix on vinyl, it will be getting a stand-alone pressing for Record Store Day's Back to Black Friday event on November 29.

The 2013 mix was created by original producer Steve Albini, who got approval from Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. Mastering took place at Abbey Road Studios. It will be pressed on two 180-gram vinyl records, which will run at 45 rpm. Rolling Stone notes that this mix will come with alternate artwork created specially for the this release.

Speaking with Exclaim!, Novoselic recently had this to say about the new mix: "Y'know, it's a great record and I'm glad we had the chance to remix and remaster it because it just breathes better. It's like 20 years and four ears later and it's a different take. There's different levels, background vocals are louder in some places, different guitar solos in some places."