Nile "Call to Destruction" (lyric video)

Nile 'Call to Destruction' (lyric video)
Technical death metal gods Nile are rocking the boat pretty hard right now, having just delivered a lyric video for their forthcoming What Should Not Be Unearthed's "Call to Destruction" that will polarize many.

While starting off with the sight of a few bomb-triggered mushroom clouds, the video quickly throws together various potentially upsetting images, including the smashing of various historical artifacts and tank-manned assaults. The war-torn visuals are complemented by a blitzkrieg of intense blast beats, callous-inducing six-string complexity, and lyrics about destroying "symbols of paganism."

The song's politically charged narrative call for the beheading of the Sphinx, and notes that "the ancient symbols of human civilization must be pummeled to the ground."

Flooded with heady ideas and thoughts on ideology, the song begs for more than a surface reading. You you can decide how to interpret the lyric vid by giving it a look down below.