Nicholas Krgovich Announces 'In an Open Field' LP, Shares New Track

Nicholas Krgovich Announces 'In an Open Field' LP, Shares New Track
Perennially underrated pop auteur Nicholas Krgovich continues to deliver a steady stream of new music. Up next, the former No Kids and P:ano member will follow The Hills with another full-length album. 

The release is called In an Open Field, and was recorded by Krgovich in Coventry, UK, with additional overdubs in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

In a press release, Krgovich said he attempted to up the ante in his songwriting sessions. "I was interested in exhausting all of my tricks.... just write and write and write to see if I could get to the bottom of something. But I don't think that's how things work. The bottom just keeps opening up and there's always some more murk floating down there."

He added, "In the end I wasn't hoping to master anything, or put the top on the pyramid. I just wanted to make stuff and flow and see what happens."

The resulting album will be available on December 1 via Tin Angel Records. You can pre-order the release here and watch a music video for lead single "My Riverboat" below.

In an Open Field:

1. Parade
2. Country Boy
3. Do It Again
4. Blue Wave
5. A List
6. The World Tonight
7. Sad Am I, Glad Am I
8. A Day In October
9. I Don't Know
10. Now
11. On The Main Drag
12. My Riverboat