Nicholas Krgovich "Written in the Wind"

Nicholas Krgovich 'Written in the Wind'
Los Angeles-via-Vancouver pop crooner Nicholas Krgovich continues to share treats from his forthcoming album The Hills. Up next, he's got a pensive slow-burner called "Written in the Wind."

The song boasts an incredibly sparse arrangement, with subtle jazz chords and stand-up bass making way for Krgovich's timeless vocals. He's joined on the mic by Katie Eastburn. 

Krgovich shared a lengthy statement about the song's creation:

This song was written on May 3rd, 2009, at my aunt and uncle's cabin. I remember driving up there and arriving at night, unloading the groceries, and unpacking, deciding which room I would sleep in etc. I also had a pretty bad cold, which you can hear on this recording as we ended up using the vocal from the original demo. I wrote this song that night, in probably the same amount of time that it takes to listen to it. It kind of just plopped out fully formed. Me taking on the role of Julie London or maybe Judy Garland when she sings "You're Nearer". A long midnight of the soul, jazz club song. My friend Chris Cohen on guitar doing a very accurate Barney Kessel and Katie Eastburn joining me in the choruses. Someone once told me the vocals sound like David Sedaris when he impersonates Billie Holiday. Laughter through the tears.

Listen to "Written in the Wind" below and keep an eye out for The Hills when it arrives on March 4 via Tin Angel Records.