​New Order Collect Their Production and Remix Work for New Comp

​New Order Collect Their Production and Remix Work for New Comp
New Order delivered their latest studio album Music Complete in 2015, but come the new year, they'll be shining the spotlight on other artists from Factory Records' heyday. A new compilation titled New Order Presents Be Music is due out on February 17 via Factory Benelux.
It will arrive as both a 2-LP 12-song set and a 3-CD 36-song version, and features songs that members of the band — Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert — remixed and produced for other artists. Most of the material was recorded and remixed between 1982 and 1985, though some more recent inclusions also made the cut. All of the tracks on both formats have been newly remastered.
Among the songs on the bonus CD version are a version of "Knew Noise" by Section 25 produced by Joy Division's Ian Curtis and Rob Gretton, as well as the full 22-minute version of New Order's own "Video 586." Other artists included throughout the set include Factory Floor, Paul Haig, A Certain Ratio and Tim Burgess.
In a statement about the upcoming release, Sumner reminisced about the process of making the songs. "Producing was a really important sideline," he said. "It's okay doing it because although all the groups are skint, you learn a lot and you're helping somebody."
Find the full CD tracklisting down below.

New Order Presents Be Music:
CD 1:
1. Quando Quando - "Love Tempo"
2. Marcel King - "Reach For Love"
3. 52nd Street - "Cool As Ice"
4. Section 25 - "Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)"
5. Nyam Nyam - "Fate/Hate"
6. The Beat Club - "Security (Remix)"
7. Paul Haig - "The Only Truth"
8. Shark Vegas - "You Hurt Me"
9. Marcel King - "Keep On Dancin"
10. Section 25 - "Reflection"
11. Quando Quango - "Tingl"
12. Surprise - "Over Italia"
CD 2:
1. 52nd Street - "Can't Afford"
2. Thick Pigeon - "Babcock + Wilcox"
3. A Certain Ratio - "Bootsy (Swingfire Mix)"
4. Factory Floor - "(Real Love)"
5. Section 25 - "Another Hilltop"
6. The Other Two - "Inside"
7. Marnie - "The Hunter (Remix)"
8. Fujiya & Miyagi - "Daggers (Remix)"
9. Tim Burgess - "Oh Men (02 Remix)"
10. Factory Floor - "A Wooden Box (Remix)"
11. Life - "Tell Me"
12. Life - "Tell Me (Theme)"
CD 3:
1. Peter Hook - "Lavolta Lakota Theme"
2. Section 25 - "Knew Noise"
3. Stockholm Monsters - "All At Once"
4. The Royal Family & The Poor - "Motherland"
5. Winston Tong - Theoretical China"
6. The Beat Club - "Security (Dub)"
7. Marcel King - "Reach For Love (US Mix)"
8. Thick Pigeon - "Jess + Bart (Remix)"
9. Red Turns To Deep - "Sleep"
10. Ad Infinitum - "Telstar"
11. Section 25 - "Sakura"
12. New Order - "Video 586"