8 Emerging Canadian Artists You Need to Hear in August 2021

Meet Exclaim!'s latest New Faves, including Vancouver's deathcore TikTokers and a Rebecca Black-approved hyperpop producer
8 Emerging Canadian Artists You Need to Hear in August 2021
It's been a relatively quiet summer for new music, but blockbuster releases set for September and beyond herald a raucous fall. This calm before the storm is the perfect time to discover some emerging Canadian artists, such as this latest batch of New Faves, including Vancouver's deathcore TikTokers and a Rebecca Black-approved hyperpop producer.

Vancouver, BC
For fans of: Slaughter to Prevail, Brand of Sacrifice, Traitors

Carcosa are Vancouver's biggest deathcore TikTok stars. Their videos of metal pickup lines and puns rack up millions of views, but Carcosa are no joke. Singles "A Plague" and "Devoid" mix brutal breakdowns with flashes of black metal, nu metal and hardcore. Debut album Anthology drops August 19, and with several tracks already released, it's poised to be monstrous. 
Max Morin

Montreal, QC
For fans of: Leon Bridges, Kings of Convenience

If you're in need of more tenderness in your life, Jean Clerel's songs are the answer. Clerel's breezy and soulful folk music earned him a spot on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last fall where he virtually performed his standout 2019 single "Blackstone." Since then, Clerel has continued to release enchanting songs including a pair of singles from 2020 and a recently released French EP entitled Interlude
Laura Stanley

The Effens
Toronto, ON
For fans of: Teenage Wrist, Jimmy Eat World, Placebo

Toronto rockers the Effens take the DIY spirit of angst-ridden suburbia and blow it up to the level of early-'00s arena rock. Self-recorded and produced in a basement quilt room-turned-recording studio, the band's third EP, Eventually, out now through Hidden Pony/LootBag Records, flirts with glam, pop, alternative, grunge, and garage rock sensibilities, suffusing each of its six tracks with a dark, razor-sharp edge.
Owen Morawitz

Caitlin Goulet
Vancouver, BC
For fans of: Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish

Métis songwriter Caitlin Goulet was emerging from a series of toxic relationships when she penned the tracks to her new album, Inside Thoughts. Released in July, the album explores themes of love, boundaries, and personal agency through tough times and growth, all channeled through Goulet's signature dreamlike pop sound. The result is an album that is personal and empowering, featuring lyrics that are unapologetic and raw.
Francis Baptiste

Montreal, QC
For fans of: Equiknoxx, Boxcutter, Pearson Sound

Anyone who knows their way around Montreal's club scene will be aware of Honeydrip's eclectic DJ sets. It's no surprise, then, that her debut EP, ANTI-EGO, is a hot soup of styles and off-kilter grooves. What is surprising is just how well she blends it. Dancehall, techno, dub and sharp cuts of dismantled club are all melted into something fierce.
Daryl Keating

Mississauga, ON
For fans of: Fugazi, the Replacements, Slint

Setting Caribbean lore and memories of vocalist Daniel G. Wilson's upbringing in Jamaica to a backdrop of noise rock, punk, post-hardcore and even some campfire folk, each of the eight songs of JONCRO's debut album Richmond Station tells stories of post-colonial perseverance and pride, brimming with passion and confidence. Guitar theatrics pair nicely with subtle percussive flourishes for a sound as creative as their storytelling.
Matt Bobkin

Idris Lawal
Toronto, ON
For fans of: Mick Jenkins, TOBi

Idris Lawal fuses afropop, rap, soul and highlife music into what he calls "afrobop," and with it, he's emerged as an exhilarating artist on the rise. His soul-soothing, catchy and conscious music continues to deliver with a bopping birthday gift to himself in the form of his song "Spirit," an alluring video for his major single "Wallflowers," and an electrifying live performance at this year's virtual Afrofest. A new single is set to drop later this month.
Papa Minnow

Petal Supply
Victoria, BC
For fans of: 100 gecs, umru, SOPHIE

Since releasing her debut EP Hey in November 2020, Petal Supply has garnered international attention in the world of hyperpop thanks to her pitched-up vocals and bouncy production. Recently, she hopped on a remix of Zolita's "Loveline" with Dorian Electra, and got a co-sign from Rebecca Black. With a move to Toronto in the near future, Petal Supply is just getting started.
Eden DaSilva

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